BlackRock, other investment firms 'killing the dream' of home ownership, journalist says

According to a Wall Street Journal report, BlackRock – led by billionaire Laurence Fink – is purchasing entire neighborhoods and converting single-family homes into rentals; while in cities like Houston, investors like Fink account for one-quarter of the home purchasers.

Su “Tucker Carlson stasera,” Chronicles journalist and associate editor Pedro Gonzalez said that BlackRock’s actions are leading 40% of American renters to believe they will never be able to purchase a home.

Homeownership gives people a stake in a society. It’s a way to build generational wealth. It’s the foundation of the middle-class and part of the American dream,” Egli ha detto.

Nel frattempo, “permanent capital,” like that from firms like Fink’s arekilling the dream and giving us a nightmare of dispossession.

The impetus for firms to mass-purchase housing is to underwrite pensions and pad their books by spiking housing prices.

Ma, Gonzalez warned that these reckless actions will only accelerate the next housing bubble to burst – as it did a decade ago.

The same institutions also promote progressive [politico] policies like environmental policies that also raise the price of housing – and they push for more immigration, like JPMorgan Asset Management,” Gonzalez reported.

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