destello: Russia has plans in place to increase force on Ukraine borders 'even more'

Russia has plans to further increase its military forces on Ukrainian borders, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday in remarks to personnel at the US Embassy in Kyiv.

We know that there are plans in place to increase that force even more on very short notice,” Blinken said of the massive troop build-up near Ukranian borders. “And that gives President Putin the capacity also on very short notice to take further aggressive action against Ukraine and that, por supuesto, has gotten not only our attention, but it’s gotten the attention of virtually all of our allies and partners and not just in Europe, even beyond.
This is a critical time for Ukraine,” Blinken explained to a crowd of roughly 60 gente, speaking alongside Charge d’Affaires Kristina Kvien.
    Blinken warned Russia there were two paths out of this situation.
      There is the path of diplomacy and dialogue to try to resolve whatever differences there are peacefully through diplomacy,” él dijo. “Clearly the preferable path, clearly the most responsible path and the one that we would prefer, but there is also the path if Russia chooses to renew aggression, of conflict, confrontation and consequences for Russia.
          Blinken said President Joe Biden had asked his team totake stockof the situation after intense negotiations with allies but also conversations with Russia, y para “reaffirmthe UScommitment to Ukraine.
          I strongly, strongly hope that we can keep this on a diplomatic and peaceful path, but ultimately, that’s going to be President Putin’s decision,” Él concluyó.

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