'Blue Miracle' star Dennis Quaid reveals why he prefers to play real people

The 67-year-old actor plays Captain Wade Malloy, who along with a group of orphaned Mexican boys and their guardian Omar (Jimmy Gonzales), enter into the world’s biggest fishing tournament to save their orphanage.

I really like playing real people… to tell you the truth even more [than fictional],” Quaid told Fox News while promoting the film.

“[언제] I read books, I’d rather read fact [위에] fiction and this story… it’s the story of a miracle that happened. And when you’re doing a movie about a real person, you can’t say ‘Ohhh, all this would never happen,’ because it did!” 그는 덧붙였다.


Quaid said he was drawn to thearc of this character.

(L-R) Dennis Quaid as Captain Wade Malloy, Jimmy Gonzales as Omar in ‘Blue Miracle.’

(L-R) Dennis Quaid as Captain Wade Malloy, Jimmy Gonzales as Omar in ‘Blue Miracle.’ (Carlos Rodriguez/NETFLIX © 2020)

“알 잖아, rather than just playing somebody who’s the same… there’s a growth in him because he starts out rather jaded with these kids. [그들] really taught him something. He was looking for redemption [과] he didn’t even know it,” Quaid described.

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그 동안에, Gonzales was attracted to the story’s larger age-old theme of not judging a book by its cover as Malloy and Omar learn to work together.

The actor said he’s applied the same lesson to his own life. “네, that’s happened actually quite a few times in my life, 알 잖아, and every time I come away from that, those kinds of experiences, I realized my own limitations based on my perceptions or through first impressions when I spend more time with [the person],” he reflected.

Gonzales added, “This is part of the reason I love filmmaking… that you get thrown together with a bunch of different people that you normally wouldn’t and you get to know them on a pretty intimate basis.

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