BMW is killing the V12 engine this summer

The German automaker has announced that it will build the last of its 12-cylinder engines this June as it begins its transition toward electrification.

V12 engines have long been a mainstay of the high-end luxury segment thanks to their combination of power and smoothness, qualities that also apply to an electric drivetrain, which adds efficiency to the mix.

The M760i xDrive's V12 is rated at 601 生命值.

The M760i xDrive’s V12 is rated at 601 生命值. (BMW)

BMW will mark the occasion in the U.S. by offering a limited run of a dozen M760i xDrive Final V12 sedans equipped with a 601 hp 6.6-liter V12. 的 $ 200,995 cars will come fully loaded and will be available in any color combination BMW offers, but only if you’re on the list.

BMW said its dealers will be reaching out to customers with long histories of V12-powered 7-Series ownership to offer reservations for the special model.

V12-powered BMW's wear special logos and the Final V12 cars will have unique badging.

V12-powered BMW’s wear special logos and the Final V12 cars will have unique badging. (BMW)

BMW-owned Rolls-Royce will continue to offer V12s for the time being, but has announced plans to go fully-electric by 2030.

奔驰, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Lamborghini are the only other major brands that currently offer V12s, while VW-owned Bentley uses a unique W12 engine configuration in its top models.




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