'Bo Snerdley' previews new podcast on Limbaugh: 'The man behind the golden microphone'

Detto d'oro “Hannity” giovedì che il "vero" Rush off-air era spesso diverso dal presentatore roboante e spesso schietto che i suoi milioni di ascoltatori sapevano.

Questo fatto farà parte del nuovo podcast, “The Man Behind The Golden Microphone– which premiered this week on IHeartRadio.

Golden also mentioned that for several days after Limbaugh’s death, he was unable to speak about it out of emotion.

I still get choked up, and I still find myself getting weepy at odd times, just random times: something will trigger it, e tu sai, it’s just something you have to learn to live with,” Egli ha detto.


Rush was very often, after the show at least, quiet … he was not this braggadocious all the time – There was Rush Limbaugh, the guy that was behind the Golden EIB mic, who presented an amazing show that continued to grow for 33 years… he was a very humble, loving, gentle spirit, and he was generous beyond measure.

Golden said the podcast will show that there was indeed more to the Cape Girardeau, Mo.-native radio host than just his politics and personality.

He offered the example of Limbaugh finding out about a U.S. state badly affected by a flood, and being the generous person he was, donated funds to a man Snerdley described asa liberal storekeeper”. That good deed kept the man’s business solvent after the flood had passed.


That was just one of many examples of how the real Rush Limbaugh’s generosity and goodwill transcended politics or media.

No publicity. He didn’t want publicity. That’s the way he was. A truly great and humble man,” said Golden, insinuating that some of the stories were even unknown to people like himself until recently.

Ma, as Golden stated on the new podcast, Limbaugh’s true calling was indeed to be a consequential figure in American media:

Rush made no secret about it. He said it. And it was just what it wasn’t. I was born to host. And you were born to listen,” Egli ha detto.

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