'Bo Snerdley' rips 'narcissist' Harris for selfie cookies while fentanyl, sex trafficking flows over border

Aan “Fox News Primetime,” gasheer Tammy Bruce noted the press traveling aboard Air Force Two were recently givenKamala Cookiesdepicting a featureless face that otherwise resembled Harris.

How narcissistic do you have to be, if you are going to hand out cookies, to hand out cookies that are clearly supposed to be of yourself—with no face,” Golden gesê. “Intussen, she has never been to the southern border. We have an emergency at the border. We have human suffering in proportions that are horrid happening every single day. We have American agents risking their lives every single moment.

Goue, who now hosts his own Saturday program on the late Limbaugh’s flagship 77WABC radio out of New York City, pointed out that former President Trump was blasted by CNN and other outlets for apparently customarily receiving two scoops of ice cream, while other White House diners receive only a single scoop.

This is the same media that finds this amusing, that went full bore trying to call Donald Trump such a horrible person because he had two scoops of ice cream … and that was a big scandal,” hy het gesê.

Golden pointed to the porosity of the U.S.-Mexico line, noem dit die “Biden Borderand added that former ICE Director Thomas Homan recently disclosed that there is enough fentanyl being trafficked across to kill every American twice.

Nothing is being done about this. Nothing is being done about the sex trafficking at the borders and how that’s hurting minority women. Nothing is being done at all toward our national security. There could be all sorts of terrorists coming in. We are supposed to be connecting the dots.

The only connection, hy het gesê, is that of the fact the border crisis intensifies every time Biden rescinds or reverses a Trump-era border policy—pointing most recently to the Biden administration ending theRemain in Mexicoagreement forged between Trump and Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Bruce added that Biden, Harris, and the rest of the Democratic Party continues to beat the drum of equality and how they are the defenders of all matters of minorities. She said that as a lesbian, and with Golden as an African-American, that they together are not what Democratsexpectto see on the center-right or in Republican circles.

What the left does not want Americans to know is the kind of people that are attracted to the conservative ideal that have contributed to the conservative ideal,” sy het gese. “When it comes to minorities it’s conservative ideal I think you would agree that especially is important in our lives in our lives to be free to direct our lives.

Golden said that if Republicans continue to stand behind theTrump agendathey can expand their tent to include more minorities. Bruce noted the heavily-Democratic Texas borderlands saw Hidalgo County Republican Party Chairman Javier Villalobos be elected mayor of border-town McAllen in a stunning upset on Saturday.

Let’s face facts, it wasn’t the established Republicans, the establishment Republicans that made these moves happen,” Golden gesê.

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