Boehner on 'Fox & 친구': Biden infrastructure bill a 'new word for the Green New Deal'


JOHN BOEHNER: Well this is apparently a new word for the Green New Deal, because if you look at the bill that they have put forward, it covers everything that the far-left has ever wanted. 들리다, if we’re going to do infrastructure, why don’t we talk about traditional infrastructure: roads, 교량, 댐, locks, transit systems? Those are the things that were typically in an infrastructure bill.

What we haven’t seen a whole lot written about is this giant schism in the Democrat Party, that Joe Biden being a traditional Democrat, he’s got these far-left wing progressives that he has catered to ever since he was sworn in and at the expense, 솔직히, of working in a bipartisan manner. But this little fight between the traditional Democrats and the far-left is about to come into full view for all Americans, because when it comes to this infrastructure bill and the so-called pay forceincreasing taxesthey’re going to have a long road to hoe because what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren want is not what Joe Manchin and the Democrat senators from Arizona want.

And it’s going to be interesting to see this play out. 솔직히, I think you have the same problem in the House. Speaker Pelosi has a very narrow majority now, and they’re going to have their challenges as well.

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