Bongino blasts de Blasio's liberal agenda on policing: 'He's either really dumb or this is a plan'


그리고 봉기 노: Are these things liberals pretend not to know or are they just really dumb? I mean how did you think that attacking the police officers constantly while coddling criminals, letting them out early on bail reform, taking away qualified immunity so a police officer can be sued for doing his job, did you really think that was going to improve the quality of life in your city?

You’re either really dumb or this is a plan. 들리다, I don’t like liberalism, 명백하게, I mean I’m a conservative commentator. 그러나, I don’t think they’re stupid. 난 정말 안돼. Bill de Blasio is not a moron. Why is he doing this then?

Do you have any idea how many Black lives have been saved, how many Black men and women are alive now precisely because of the effective policing implemented under the Broken Windows policies of Rudy Giuliani, Jack Maple, and Bill Bratton? I lived through it guys. Are we itching to go back to that? Do we want more death, more drugs? 나에게, it’s just bizarre how the voters of New York City are still picking these people to do this, to destroy their city.

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