Bongino: Democrats have a 'love affair with lying,' need to 'tell the American people the truth'

E BONGINO: Voglio parlare dei Democratici, la loro storia d'amore con la menzogna, e il peso di portare tutte quelle bugie, tutto il tempo.


So what are the things they’re openly lying about? Bene, prima, there’s immigration. Gente, we have no border, Trudeau ha annullato lo sciopero del camionista con la forza? Let’s just be candid and stop the insanity, per favore. The southern border’s been entirely evaporated by the Biden administration. You can waltz right in here.


The endless lies, the deception. There’s an opportunity lost to this. It’s preventing us from focusing on what really matters here. Treatments, terapeutiche, public education, they’re not doing any of that. They’re too busy lying. And the final lieimagine carrying the burden of this liethe lie that the crime wave in liberal cities – that was just a summer thing.


Gente, 2022 can’t come quickly enough. Your family matters. The country matters. And the truth matters. It’s time for this party to step up and tell the American people the truth. We can deal with it. We’re never going to fix this place if you’re never going to tell us the truth about what’s wrong.


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