Bongino: Liberals 'aren't stupid,' 'deliberately' allowing a rise in crime

If you had a wish list of things that you were intentionally trying to cause chaos and anarchy [con] in the cities in a destructive situation where people’s lives were in danger every day, the liberals running America’s biggest cities are like 9 out of 10,” Bongino ha detto.

Chicago: 92 tiro, 16 ucciso — you may say this year? No, questo fine settimana. That’s this weekend. And then they lie about it so not only is it liberal mayors and liberal governors who run places like New York, not only have they decimated America’s great cities and ascent of this country into chaos but they lie to your face about it.

Bongino added that Illinois is a prime example of liberal governance gone dangerously awry.

He noted how Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasted surrounding states with slacker gun laws, like Wisconsin and Indiana, and blamed them in part for an uptick in crime – in that criminals can buy firearms and traffic them back to the Windy City.


You tell them that you have these really restrictive gun laws where people can’t get guns to defend themselves, criminals would rather go and buy guns out of state and then commit crimes where the gun laws are really restrictive because no one else can protect themselvesand yet liberals still think they are making an argument for gun control,” Egli ha detto

It’s the most dishonest, disturbed crowd I’ve ever seen.

Bongino, who used to serve in the NYPD, said that people such as Lightfoot and other blue-state and big-city heads of government are enactingreverse broken windowspolicies that have resulted in the exact opposite environment that New York broken windows proponents Bill Bratton and Raymond Kelly oversaw as commissioners at One Police Plaza.

This is reverse broken windows: Broken windows policing is the exact opposite, I’ve given this example 1,000 times – the guy who jumps the turnstile on the train is the guy who goes on the train and commits the robbery, it’s the same guy,” disse Bongino, alludendo a larceny-wracked places like San Francisco where a California state law called Proposition 47 greets thieves who steal up to $ 950 with lessened prosecutorial recourse than before.

When you get him for petit larceny for stealing lipstick out of a CVS or deodorant stick or whatever they steal, it’s the same person who goes down the street and breaks into a house. It’s the same guyYou let the little stuff go, it’s like a cancerous tumor. They know this,” Bongino said of Democrats.

They are not stupid, mi creda. Nothing would please me more than to tell you how dumb they are. They are not stupid, they are deliberately doing this,” Egli ha detto.

Host Sean Hannity noted that combining lax bail reform laws with policies like Prop 47 essentially brings thelogical conclusionthat a crook can shoplift and then claim post-arrest he can’t be prosecuted because he didn’t hit the arbitrary $ 950 threshold.

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