Bongino: 'Nothing will happen' to Andrew Cuomo because Democrats are 'a protected class'

Bongino explained to listeners who were awaiting his take on the burgeoning scandal that although he does not like his fellow Reinas, N.Y. nativo, muchas veces Demócratas in his position either aren’t covered well by the media or get off largely scot-free.

I’m not convinced anything is going to happen to Andrew Cuomo at all,” él dijo. “remember if there’s even a whisper campaign like there was against Brett Kavanaugh – stories you knew were B.S. – they guy was like a choir boy — he’s a Republican so he has to be taken apart.

Andrew Cuomo is a protected class – he’s a Democrat,” the Fox News host continued. “He’s like a ‘speckle-toothed owl’” él agregó, creating a mock name for rare species of wildlife often utilized to prevent commercial or agricultural activity on certain lands.

‘You can’t farm on that land– sir this is like 7,000 acres – ‘don’t you harm that owl— That’s Andrew Cuomo, he’s a speckle-toothed owl.

Bongino remarked that one notable quality of the investigation was that it came under the auspices of Democratic New York State Attorney General Tish James, whom the host characterized as a far-left Trump-hating prosecutor, noting her many public statements in which she expressed hope the then-president would be taken down by the justice system.

“[Ella es] a disaster in her own right and a total tyrant who’s abused her office by going after Donald Trump for free parking for an employee,” él dijo, referring to allegations Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg failed to file taxes on a company car.

Noting his disdain for Cuomo, Bongino however added that the 63-year-old three-term governor and former Clinton HUD secretary has the same due process rights as any other American.

Unlike Democrats, I believe people have the right to be innocent until proved guilty. I can’t stand Andrew Cuomo – I think he’s a piece of garbageI actually can’t stand Andrew Cuomo with a deep visceral hatred that I reserve for very few people – but Andrew Cuomo is a citizen of the United States and entitled to due process like anyone else.

Bongino further remarked his measured take on the governor would likely differ from Democrats who lock onto a Kavanaugh or other conservative figure:

I know this disturbs liberals who want conservatives hung by their toenails every time they are accused of anything – like Brett Kavanaugh.

He concluded by reiterating his original point that Cuomo is not likely to face true repercussions.

He’ll run for governor again and probably win,” el anfitrión dijo, referring to how Cuomo is otherwise likely to seek a fourth term in Albany.

Several prominent Republicans including Rep. Lee Zeldin of Suffolk County, former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, and political strategist Andrew Giuliani – the son of the former New York City mayor – are all seeking to challenge Cuomo on the Republican ticket.

If Cuomo were to resign or be removed from office, Teniente. Gobernador. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat and former Erie County legislator, would become the state’s first female governor.

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