Bongino: The media is helping Democrats paint conservatives as domestic terrorists

Y BONGINO: The liberals do not see thisfidelity to institutions is gone people no longer trust the CDC. They don’t trust Fauci or the FDA or trust the FBI. They don’t trust the intel community, imprenta, that’s a laugher. The press everybody thinks press is a big joke. Who were the seven percentcheck out poll right there- just seven percent who are those seven percent? Nobody trust these people anymore no sane person. Here’s the third problem. esto es, obviamente, gaslighting to target conservatives by taping them as domestic terrorists. Remember back in August, remember this from the DHS labeled domestic terrorist as biggest threat. Here’s their bulletin read it yourself. Domestic terrorism what about foreign terrorist, al Qaeda, AQAP, ISIS, porcelana, Corea del Norte, No, No — those domestic terrorists listen, quiero decir, obviamente, nobody wants violence in the country, obviamente. right that’s pretty common sense. but that’s the biggest threat? they’ve been setting the groundwork to flip the switch to target patriots for a long time now. these big governments swamp rodents and media have been helping them ever stem of the way.

JIM ACOSTA (CLIP): Some member the far right in this country have apparently decide they will resort to intimidation and in some case even violence to get what they want. sound familiar? sort of like an American Taliban.

DEAN OBEIDALLAH (CLIP): GOP want 20 years from leading war on terror to now leading defense was January 6th terrorist and that’s where they are as a party.

JOHN AVALON: What’s new is the introduction of White nationalist terrorism. that son the rise in America.

BONGINO: Of course media crushes civil liberties. God for bid petition their government school boards but what when that doesn’t work they sending fact checkers to target American citizens. Check out these humiliating, embarrassing fact check probably the worst I’ve ever seen and that’s saying a lot from AP.


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