'Booming' Biden economy? 'The Five' blast liberal media, お世辞のインフレカバレッジのためのデム

“[ドンレモン] actually literally sang Biden’s praises,” 共同ホストのグレッグ・ガットフェルドは、CNNのアンカーが 4 セント-先週からのガス価格の低下.

CNBCのホストであるジム・クレイマーは言った “[米国は] the strongest economy perhaps I have ever seen.

This media praise left the co-hosts of “5” 口あんぐり.

He must have compromising pictures of the president of CNBC because I don’t know how he can get away with saying a lot of this stuff. Inflation’s at nearly seven percent… ,” Gutfeld retorted.

“…[私]t’s really hard to come out of this [経済], and it only affects the lower and the middle class[es]. The rich are fine with inflation. They don’t care,” co-host Jesse Watters said.