Boothe blasts Behar for lecturing Tim Scott on race: Left 'beats you into submission' if you oppose them

BOOTHE: I guess Joy Behar thinks because she has dressed in Blackface before that she can somehow be a leader on this issue. Senator Tim Scott made this deeply personal point in the fact that he’s facedracism from the left, he says he’s been called an Uncle Tom, called derogatory terms like the N-word and what does the left do?

They say ‘Hold my beer, let’s go prove this man right by getting Uncle Tim trending on social media’. The left purport to they purport to say there about women, they purport to say there about the LGBTQ communities, they purport to say they’re about minorities until you don’t subscribe to their liberal dogma and they try to beat you into submission so they’re not about any of these things.

The Federalist senior editor Chris Bedford also hit at the left for its response to Senator Scott’s speech following Biden’s address.

BEDFORD: the left couldn’t keep themselves behaved during that time they let out what was in their heart of hearts which is that he’s not allowed to be black because he didn’t vote for Joe Biden. They attacked him with racist attacks like “Uncle Tim”–words that are banned basically from children’s libraries because liberals have censored “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” And then you see Twitter trying to promote this. That’s a really wild reaction and I think it showed exactly who they were.


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