Border Patrol agent saves migrant child from near drowning, 视频节目

The child had been struggling to stay above water while crossing a pond in the Rio Grande Valley 周六.

Footage obtained by Fox News shows the agent in the water pulling the child to safety.


与此同时, the Border Patrol detained five Mexican nationals Tuesday morning in La Joya, 麦卡伦以西.

Fox News’ Griff Jenkins told “美国新闻室” that he and a producer were filming in the area when a group of seven people emerged from the brush after crossing a river and ran toward him and his producer’s vehicle.

Jenkins says five were caught – but agents are still searching for two.

在星期一, within hours of arriving in the area, 多于 200 migrants hailing from countries including Honduras, 危地马拉, El Salvador and Ecuador, were seen surrendering to the Border Patrol, Jenkins added.

There is a crisis right now at the southern borderthe numbers show it, as far as illegal crossings, as far as criminal activity, 毒品, criminal apprehensions,” Texas Department of Public Safety Lt. Christopher Olivarez told Fox News on Monday.