Boris Johnson tried to ‘woo’ Biden with 'asinine' leftist rhetoric: Douglas Murray

DOUGLAS MURRAY: Bene, suona molto come assolutamente ogni altro leader mondiale, da quando il leader del World Economic Forum ha iniziato a usare questa frase, "ricostruisci meglio" ogni altro leader mondiale, in a rather sinister way, devo dire, has used exactly the same phrase. I’ve heard it from [Justin] Trudeau. We’ve heard it from everyone in the EU, from Boris Johnson.


It’s the phrase du jour, as they might say at the G7, but the oddity of the Boris Johnson pronunciation that we’ve just heard is his clear attempt to sort of suck up to President Biden. There’s a reason for this, which is that President Biden, before he got into office, described Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, as basically the same person as Donald Trump, and so Boris Johnson has had to go a long way to try to prove that he’s nothing like Trump.


He did so by talking all of this stuff about building back more gender-neutral. What does that even mean? Building back more feminine again? What does that even mean? He thinks that he’s going to woo the 78-year-old-man to the left of himself on that occasion, Presidente Biden, and flatter him, seduce him with this, francamente, slightly asinine leftist rhetoric.


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