Boston Bombing survivor calls out acting mayor's opposition to death penalty for Tsarnaev

She’s just trying to make a name for herself, it’s pretty disgusting,” bombing survivor Marc Fucarile said Friday of the mayor, su “Volpe & Prima gli amici.”


I wonder where she was eight years ago, 2013, when we were laying in hospital beds and fighting for our lives”.

Janey tweeted from the marathon five minutes after the bomb detonated, “Please pray! Bombs going off at marathon!”

Janey, un democratico, assumed the role of Governor when Marty Walsh was confirmed as the Secretary of Labor in March.

She’s not evenan elected official,” Fucarile pointed out, “she’s really not even the mayor.

Nel 2015 a jury found Tsarnaev guilty on 30 counts and decided on the death penalty for the terror he caused in the city, killing three and wounding more than 260 altri.

It was definitely the scariest thing in my life and my family’s life. Getting the phone call, finding out that I was blown up by a bomb in the city of Boston,” recalled Fucarile.

People were petrified. No one knew what was going on.

Just five years after the initial verdict, nel mese di luglio 2020, the Boston-based 1st S.S. Corte d'Appello del Circuito overturned the ruling nel caso, saying that the trial judgefell shortin screening jurors for potential bias created by the news coverage of the bombing.

I think the majority of people that I’ve ever talked to think that he should beput to death,” said Fucarile.

All'inizio di questo mese, a giugno 14, gli Stati Uniti. Justice Department filed a 48-page brief urging the Supreme Court to reinstate the death sentence of Tsarnaev, stating that, “it is not required that the jurors be totally ignorant of the facts and issues involved for a defendant to receive a fair trial.

The brief represented a break between the Justice Department and President Joe Biden, who has repeatedly stated his opposition to capital punishment.

White House Spokesman Andrew Bates said the Justice Departmenthas independence regarding such decisions,” but stressed that Biden stands by his belief that the federal government should not carry out executions.

If I could guarantee that he would sit in jail and rot forever, I would choose that,” said Fucarile, “with the way policies are changing, it scares me that they could release this animal”.

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