Both deputies shot during Compton ambush have been released from the hospital

Both of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies who were shot during an apparent ambush attack in Compton, 加利福尼亚州, have been released from the hospital, the sheriff’s department said Monday night.

They both have a long road to recovery and #LASD appreciates your continued prayers and all the support,” the department tweeted.
A female deputy who was seriously injured was released on Monday, while a male deputy was released on Wednesday.
The 31-year-old female deputy is being called a hero after she worked to save her 24-year-old male partner’s life.
    She applied a tourniquet to his bleeding arm and moved him away from the scene of the gunfire, while she is seen in surveillance footage bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound to the face.
    A reward for the suspect’s arrest and conviction now stands at $ 700,000, 根据 CNN affiliate KCAL. The reward has been cobbled together from public and private funds.


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