Bradley Cooper reveals he was held at knifepoint on NYC subway

Bradley Cooper says in 2019 he was held at knifepoint on a New York City subway.

los “Star is Bornactor said the whole incident turnedpretty insanewhen he was approached by a man on the subway at 11:45 soy,
I remember seeing the person’s eyes and was taken by how young they were,” Cooper said on the “Experto en sillónpodcast with Dax Shepard.
    Cooper said he had been wearing headphones and couldn’t hear outside noise, but saw the man pointing a knife, which he described as having a two-to-three-inch blade and a wooden handle, at him.
      Cooper ran and jumped a turnstile inside the station, then ran to the entrance, where he was able to get outside.
        I just started booking, just started running,” él dijo. “I jumped over the turnstile, hid around the white, tiled entrance to the subway (y) took my phone out. (El sospechoso) jumped over, running away. I took a photo of him. Then I chased him up the stairs. He started running up 7th Avenue.
        He said he was able to snap two more photos of the man then reported the incident to a nearby police officer.
            He then had to go pick up his daughter from school and added that he had gotten too comfortable in the city.
            My guard was down,” él agregó. “I realized I had gotten way, way too comfortable in this city.




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