Brett Favre가 Chargers에게 묻습니다.’ Justin Herbert '비밀은 무엇입니까?’ 이번 시즌 그의 연극에

Brett Favre asks Chargers' Justin Herbert 'what's the secret' to his play this season

Los Angeles Chargers 쿼터백 Justin Herbert is in contention for the Offensive Player of the Year award after putting together a statistically solid season.

Herbert was a late substitution for Tyrod Taylor earlier this season. 에 13 계략, he has 3,781 지나가는 야드, 27 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions. The Chargers are 4-9 this season. The team has lost seven games by a touchdown or less.

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Legendary quarterback Brett Favre talked to Herbert on his SiriusXM Radio show and wondered how he was playinglike a 10-year veteran.

You’re blowing the stats out the room and I’m just curious how do you feel that you’re playing? Do you feel like the game isslowing down[?] How do you see your season unfolding?” Favre asked.


Is it like you assumed it would be? Is it tougher? Is it easier? Because you’re playing like a 10-year veteran. What’s the secret?”

Herbert said he appreciated Favre’s praise.

It’s been fast and I don’t know if it’s really slowed down. It’s still so fast and those edge rushers and the guys on defense are so much faster than they were in college. And that’s something I’ve had to kind of learn through experience,” 그는 덧붙였다.

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Herbert has been a part of a solid quarterback draft class and appears to have a bright future in the NFL.

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