Brian Kilmeade reveals who is really leading the Taliban's new government

ブライアンキルミード: According to a recent report, one male Afghan refugee was recently detained at Ramstein Air Base in Germany after explosive material and blasting caps were found in his carry-on luggage before he boarded his flight to the U.S. Officials reportedly believed the materials were related to his work and not terrorism…but he was still placed on a restricted list.

通常は, all of this would be a crisis for the State Department and they would be focused on fixing it, but officials at the department are a little busy with apparently more pressing matters: for example the number of women in the Taliban’s new government. 昨日, in a statement to The Hill, a State Department spokesperson expressed concern about the lack of female leaders in Afghanistan’s interim government. Could it be the Taliban doesn’t really like women too much, doesn’t give them jobs? But I digress. 見積もり: “We have made clear our expectation that the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government.

The Biden administration is already familiar with at least some of the new government’s senior leaders. なぜ? Because we already caught them on the battlefield, then released them. Remember this? The Taliban government’s senior officials were Guantanamo detainees that former President Obama traded for a trader, former U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal in 2014. 当時の, Susan Rice…said the most important thing was Bergdahl’s well-being and not the fact that four terrorists had just been released back to the Taliban.

The former Guantanamo detainees now hold the following government positions in Afghanistan: acting minister for information and culture, acting minister of borders and tribal affairs, and deputy defense minister. The acting director of intelligence, Abdul Haq Wasiq, returns to a position he held with the Taliban before the 9/11 テロ攻撃.