La caza de Brian Laundrie: Gabby Petito's parents say fugitive fiancé still alive, recordar haber aprendido noticias trágicas

Joe Petito y Nichole Schmidt, La madre y el padre de Gabby, y sus padrastros de casi toda la vida, Tara Petito y Jim Schmidt, se sentó para una entrevista con el Dr.. Phil McGraw que se emitió el martes en el programa que lleva su nombre. The approximately 30-minute interview covered topics ranging from Nichole Schmidt’s early inkling that her daughter was not okay; the text messages Gabby’s parents sent to Laundrie’s parents; and their belief that he is hiding out.

Nearly all of the four parents were spread out throughout the country when the FBI told them on Sept. 19 that theyhad some information that they wanted to share,” Jim Schmidt recalled.

With Jim Schmidt in Wyoming, he met law enforcement agents at a conference room of the hotel where he was staying, él dijo. As he entered the room for the meeting that day, Jim could see through a window an FBI agent rushing in to meet him. He later learned it because he wanted to share the news before word got out of their discovery.

They described a piece of clothing to me that matched one of her favorite sweatshirts that we knew was, that we knew was hers,” Jim Schmidt recalled. “We were all crying in the room. Sabes, couldn’t believe it, because we were holding out for hope. I knew what we were potentially going to find when we came here.

The others joined the meeting via conference call, where they learned that the FBI had found the remains of a body that matched Gabby’s physical description.

I was able to compose myself and we got everybody on a conference call, and I was able to relay it to everyone,” Schmidt continued. While Jim Schmidt was in Wyoming, Nichole was in New York and Tara and Joe Petito were in Florida, they told McGraw.

Through tears, Petito’s mother described to McGraw learning that investigators hadfound remains.

And we knew it was Gabby. Even though we were hoping it wasn’t,” ella continuó. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to listen to … But I knew she was gone. Como mamá, I knew she was gone.

The FBI confirmed two days later that the remains belonged to Petito and identified the manner of her death as being homicidio.


Nichole Schmidt added that she suspected the worst on September 11, just hours after she had reported her daughter missing, after she learned from authorities that the van in which Gabby and Laundrie had traveled cross-country was back at his family’s North Port, Florida home.

I didn’t want to admit it,” ella dijo, “but I felt it the night I found out the van was in Florida on the 11th, I felt in my heart that she was gone.

Brian Laundrie and Petito had embarked on their road trip mid-June in a converted white Ford Transit van with the plan to visit national parks along the way. Habían comenzado a salir años antes después de conocerse en su local. Isla Grande, Nueva York, escuela secundaria y se había mudado a North Port, Florida, vivir con los padres de Laundrie.

En septiembre. 1, Laundrie returned to the North Port home in the couple’s van, but without Petito, los funcionarios dijeron. She was not reported missing until 10 days later, en septiembre. 11, when her mother notified police in Suffolk County, Nueva York. Authorities later seized the van from the Laundries’ hogar. Brian then went missing, with his lawyer first telling reporters he disappeared on Sept. 14, before changing course to Sept. 13.

Shortly thereafter, authorities named Laundrie as a person of interest in connection with what was then her disappearance. En septiembre. 23, la FBI issued an arrest warrant for him, accusing him of bank card fraud.


During the Tuesday show, Stafford alleged that Brian Laundrie stole Petito’s credit card, used itto get home and then ran from the police.

During a different portion of the interview, Joe Petito told McGraw that Briandidn’t tell usthat he had returned home in Petito’s van. Nichole Schmidt added: “As far as we now, our daughter was camping.

The parents began frantically texting and calling Brian Laundrie’s parents, even thinking early-on that Brian was also missing, Joe Petito said.

One of the texts, quiero decir, I was going to call the police. Sabes, ‘Just letting you know because we have no idea, no responses,"” Joe Petito continued. “A normal parent, when you text someone that they’re going to call the cops because you can’t find your child, they would reply.


Joe Petito further described how Brian’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, presuntamente “had papers at the door,” with instructions for police to contact their attorney.

Petito, who has been outspoken to the media regarding his feelings toward how the situation has been handled by the Laundrie family, told McGraw he felt that the Laundriesowed me more than that.


I’m a dad. I make my kids stand up for their decisions,” él explicó. “If they make a mistake, I’ll help you. I’ll walk you through that path. But you’re going to, hombre, you’re going to own up to your mistake because that’s what a parent does – not what they’re doing. I’m sorry.

Gabby’s parents said they both feel that the Laundriesknow a lot more information than they’re putting out there,” as Nichole Schmidt said.

When asked if they believed “100%” that Brian Laundrie is in hiding, Joe Petito responded: “I do.

Because he’s a coward. Flat out. I could use some other words, but I can’t use them on your show. Coward,” él dijo. “Anyone that lived in that house is a coward, and they don’t know how to stand up for their actions.

Fox News’ Michael Ruiz contributed to this report.

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