Brian Laundrie cerca: La polizia di North Port sotto tiro mentre la persona di interesse di Gabby Petito rimane sfuggente

Poiché l'attuale posizione di Laundrie rimane sconosciuta, i poster sono apparsi sui social media chiedendo in primo luogo come il 23enne sia sfuggito alla sorveglianza della polizia.

It’s tough to believe, that with ALL the Technology we haveThat North Port PD couldn’t keep their eyes on Brian Laundrie,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Gabby Petito, sinistra, e Brian Laundrie sono visti in filmati bodycam rilasciati dal dipartimento di polizia di Moab City nello Utah.

Gabby Petito, sinistra, e Brian Laundrie sono visti in filmati bodycam rilasciati dal dipartimento di polizia di Moab City nello Utah. (Dipartimento di polizia della città di Moab)


The North Port Police get an F in surveillance 101; I know this is Florida and everything, but come on man!!” ha scritto un altro, while a third person added thatNorth Port PD should have had him under 24/7 surveillance once Gabby was reported missing.

North Port Police Public Information Officer Josh Taylor, when asked by Fox News on Friday morning to comment on criticisms like these, disse “because of the ongoing investigation and importance of the timeline in this case, we cannot disclose full details on what all investigators were and are working on.

We have never indicated what surveillance techniques have been involved in this case,” Ha aggiunto.

He alluded to the criticisms in a press conference last Saturday – the day before Petito’s body was found in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Brian is a resident of this community. Brian was not a suspect in a crime, Brian was a person of interest in a missing person [Astuccio], we are not following him everywhere he is going. There has been some of that conversation floating out there and that is just not how it works,” Taylor told a reporter as police were starting their first day of searching for Laundrie inside Sarasota County’s Carlton Reserve.

Search teams are deployed at the Carlton Reserve near North Port, Fla., di mercoledì.

Search teams are deployed at the Carlton Reserve near North Port, Fla., di mercoledì. (North Port Police Department/AP)


When the reporter asked Taylor for further explanation as to how the surveillance process works, lui ha risposto “no.

I can’t tell you exactly how it always works but what I know is thatwere we trying to keep an eye out kind of where he is at so that when needed we could potentially reach him? sì. But our focus was putting resources on trying to find Gabby,” Taylor explained.

Look – Brian wasn’t willing to talk. That was abundantly clear,” Ha aggiunto. “We were attempting, attempting, attempting, so we were putting our resources on trying to find Gabby. We knew we would deal with Brian eventually, but this is certainly a twist.

In a statement to Fox News the following day, Taylor saidI don’t see how anyone without all the facts in this case can come up with a reasonable conclusion and opinion on the matter.

Certainly, not everything has been released to the public, in order to maintain the integrity of the investigation,” Egli ha detto.

The mayor of North Port also has come to the police’s defense for their handling of the case.

Our [polizia] abide by the law,” Jill Luke was quoted by the North Port Sun newspaper as saying earlier this week. “They can not jeopardize a case… [essi] have done exactly what they were supposed to do. This is crazy.


David Thomas, a former Gainesville police officer and forensic expert at Florida Gulf Coast University, said he believes North Port Police made a mistake with Laundrie slipping away, according to CBS 12.

They didn’t have anybody on the houseto see where he is going,” Thomas ha detto, before adding thatI will guarantee you that North Port PD does not have the resources” fare così.

I know they have to call in the sheriff’s office, maybe a couple other departments to run 24 hour surveillance,” Thomas told CBS 12.

Former FBI agent Stuart Kaplan shared a similar view with the station.

I just don’t think local law enforcement has the manpower to keep someone in pocket, or keep someone under wraps 24 ore al giorno 7 days a week,” Egli ha detto.

You have to weigh the presumption of innocence,” Kaplan said earlier this week. “[lavanderia] hasn’t been charged with a crime. And we don’t want to overburden local law enforcement and we don’t want to harass or intimidate people that quite frankly have a right to live their lives freely.

Giovedì sera, gli Stati Uniti. District Court of Wyoming issued a federal arrest warrant for Laundrie, alleging he committed debit card fraud between Aug. 30, 2021, and Sept. 1, 2021.

But as of right now, Laundrie remains just a person of interest in Gabby Petito’s death.

Michael Ruiz di Fox News ha contribuito a questo rapporto.

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