Brian Mast blasts Nancy Pelosi's mask mandate as 'power grab', Democrats only care about 'control'

MAST: If it’s Pelosi, it’s always a power grab. That’s the name of the game with her. You asked in an earlier segment, how can they get away with always being wrong? They don’t care about if they’re right. They only care about being in control. And that’s why they end up wrong every time down the line. And they sent me my little envelope today saying, 오, here you go. Here you go. You’re fined, here’s your fine. And the next time it’s going to be twenty-five hundred dollars. They don’t care. They just want the control, whether it’s through science, whether it’s through lying, whether it’s through hurting you and your pocketbook, and trying to get you to comply. That’s the name of the game.

I like to think I understand it, but it wouldn’t really matter to me if I was flouting them as well. I’ve been vaccinated. I’m told that I am now safe from getting this. So it’s a substantial portion of the House and the staff, let people live their lives. It goes so far beyond this. This ripples well down the chain. Because right now you have schools saying, can they make a segment of the population that is barely affected by this, get vaccines that we don’t even know the long-term effects of? Can employers make their employees share their health information? And if they don’t, they can be fired? And can the American people be fined for not for not complying with wearing a mask? Those are the ripples that come down from Washington right now.

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