Brisbane set to be named 2032 Olympics host next month

That race looks sure to be over and won in Tokyo next month when the International Olympic Committee meets before the games open.

IOC president Thomas Bach said Thursday after an executive board meeting Brisbane can be awarded hosting rights as the only candidate proposed at a July 21 meeting ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.


The Australian city’s victory already looked certain after the IOC put it on the fast track in febbraio by being named the preferred candidate without a formal opponent.

Though Bach said the outcome wasin the handsof the members — around 100 meet two days ahead of the Tokyo opening ceremony — they typically rubber stamp all recommendations coming from the leadership.

Bach praised Australia as a sport-loving country with strong support from layers of government in the city of Brisbane, the state of Queensland and federal level.

All this together I think made it somehow irresistible,” the IOC leader said.

Brisbane is set to be the first Olympic host selected unopposed under a new system to streamline bid campaigns in order make them less costly, give the IOC more control and decrease the risk of vote-buying. Tokyo’s campaign and 2016 host Rio de Janeiro were both tainted by corruption allegations that are part of ongoing criminal investigations.

The Brisbane bid has been led by IOC vice president John Coates, who two years ago oversaw updating the bidding process at Bach’s invitation.

Its quick progress as the IOC’s clearly preferred option has raised questions about possible conflicts of interest for Coates. He is viewed as one of Bach’s closest allies and also leads the IOC’s oversight of preparations for the postponed Tokyo Olympics.

Bach cited the IOC’sstrict ruleswhich were monitored by ethics and compliance officials.

Ancora, Brisbane’s rapid selection this year blindsided officials in countries including Germany, Ungheria, Indonesia and Qatar which had been in talks with Olympic officials about shaping bids.

That dialogue will continue with apool of interested partiesto host the Olympics in 2036 o 2040, Bach suggested.

The future of the Games looks bright,” Bach said.

Il 2024 Olympics will be held in Paris, con il 2028 Games in Los Angeles — both cities offering more stability than the troubled and often chaotic organization in Rio.

Australia last hosted the Olympics in 2000, with the popular success of the Sydney Games. Coates also led those bidding and organizing committees.

Il 2030 Winter Games have yet to be awarded, with Salt Lake City among potential bidders. Bach said the IOC was in talks witha number of interested partiesbut there was no urgency to make a pick.

Bach also confirmed Thursday he will not visit Tokyo before mid-July, citing the quarantine periods needed to makeback and forthtrips from Switzerland which had been planned and expected.




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