Brit Hume dubs American evacuation from Afghanistan a ‘train wreck,' permanent 'stain’ on Biden admin

You can trace all this back to the original decision to try to get the military out before you had the civilians out and before you even had a reasonable plan to get them out,” 他说. “So now we are where we are.

Individuals and U.S. organizations have both made efforts to evacuate Americans on personal missions which the State Department has reportedly tried to take credit for. Hume added that no one knows exactly who’s been evacuated so far including the tens of thousands of Afghans who may not have been properly vetted as trustworthy allies in the chaotic scene at Kabul Airport.


This is an absolute trainwreck,” 他说. “And all these disputes that we’re seeing now about people who can’t get out and so on are all a result of the original decision.

Hume argued that the administration has continuously proven themselves to be untrustworthy including 拜登总统的 public and empty promise to remain in Afghanistan until all Americans were evacuated. He added that no Democrat, besides Sen. 查克·舒默(Chuck Schumer), has tried to dispute the fact that Americans were left behind.

This is a stain I think that is going to be a very long time wearing off if indeed it ever does,” 他说. “I suspect that it never will.

Despite the fact that the president’s decision to prematurely sever ties with Afghanistan sparked an avalanche of issues, the mainstream media continues to ignore the should-be lead story.

We don’t have the kind of news coverage we used to where news coverage was pretty neutral,” Hume commented. “We’re seeing this in spades now on the front pages of newspapers where this continuing crisis in and about Afghanistan is being pushed off the front pages in favor of Joe Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion spending plan or whatever it is the journalists would like to see the world move on to.