Britney Spears is 'driving the cheapest car known to mankind,' but what is it?

The performer has been posting Instagram videos from her Maui hideaway, inclusa una di lei che balla in un bikini rosso e tacchi alti che ha suscitato un “VIVI LA TUA VITA MIGLIORE REGINA” risposta da “Jersey Shore” star Snookie.

But in the caption on the post, Spears saysI’m driving the cheapest car known to mankind but it’s pretty fun.

La domanda è: What car is it?

Fox News Autos has some ideas.

Toyota Corolla:


According to, the lowest-priced rental currently available on Maui is the Toyota Corolla (or similar) per $ 151/day as a Hot Deal. Rental car prices are sky high these days, if you can even find one, but while the $ 20,100 compact sedan is the cheapest model in Toyota’s lineup, it’s hardly the least-expensive car available for purchase.

Chevrolet Spark


That title belongs to the Chevrolet Spark subcompact, which has starting price of $ 13,595 that’s only about twice what Spears has paid for some of her shoes.

U-Haul 10-foot Moving Truck




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