Britney Spears says she felt like a 'caged animal' for 'half' of her life as she dances to unreleased single

The 39-year-old musician shared a video clip of herself dancing and modeling a sheer cheetah-print jumpsuit – which was paired with a matching black bra and underwear set – as well as a shiny, green low-cut jumpsuit. The singer also shared that she was dancing to a song that hadn’t “リリースされました” as a single.

Just a little insightthis is definitely me experimenting with what I can doyou know a home studio with no lights and a four year old phone!!! I made this video in a two hoursedited all of itI know some videos can be made in a day or twopulling all nighters and then some movies talk almost a year !!! Phone Booth was made in 10 日々 … HOLY CRAP,” 槍 captioned the video in part 水曜日に.

do I know the challenge in waiting around during a shootI feel like I have been a caged animal for half of my lifethat’s exactly why I choose to direct myselfdo my makeup myselfproduce myselfdress myselfmake music myselffeed myselfand shoot videos and pics myself,” 彼女は付け加えた.


Britney Spears is pictured here kicking off her Circus Tour at the New Orleans Arena.

Britney Spears is pictured here kicking off her Circus Tour at the New Orleans Arena. (Photo by Andrew Theodorakis/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Spears has made similar remarks in the past as she has battled her father Jamie Spears for control of her life. Jamie has been in control of Spearsfinances since 2009 後に “毒” 歌手 underwent a series of involuntary holds.

Jamie was recently suspended from Spears’ 成年後見制度.

In an Instagram post shared in July, Spears revealed she had beentold to stay quiet.


So I said ‘life goes on’ in one of my recent posts but it’s always easier said than done !!!!!” 槍 キャプション付き a graphic.

In that moment that’s what felt was the easiest to say but I think we all know that I will never be able to let go and fully move on until I’ve said all I needed to say … and I’m not even close !!!! I was told to stay quiet about things for so long and I finally feel like I’m just getting here.

In Wednesday’s Instagram spree, Spears also revealed she’sthinking about directing a movie similar to KILL BILL.Spears said it was because yellow hasalways been” 彼女 “favorite color.

“… do you think it might upstage RED ???” she asked her fans. “Messy edit ???”

彼女は続けた: “Well what do you expect from a woman whose hands are smaller than a 12-year-old’s ??? Pss I’ve been holding onto this for a while because it’s one of the first times I’ve shared my music.

In a separate post, Spears also jokingly revealed she had a “赤ちゃん。” The pop star danced and showed off a baby doll ビデオで.

I had a baby y’all,” Spears wrote. “I will be taking some time off shooting at home every day !!! Her nursery is beautiful and her name is Brennan … we even look alike.

I’m turning 40 今年 … age is nothing but a number but seriously … growing up is the dumbest thing you’ll ever do so PLAY ON MY FRIENDS !!!” 彼女は付け加えた.