Britney Spears will not be charged after dispute with staff member

Authorities will not be pursuing charges against Britney Spears after investigators looked into a dispute with the singer and one of her employees.

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office said in a persverklaring on Wednesday that after reviewing the case submitted by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, they decline to file chargesbased upon insufficient evidence that a crime had occurred and the lack of injury to the housekeeper or significant damage to the phone.
Verlede maand Spiese’ housekeeper alleged that the singer struck a cell phone out of her hand during an argument over the veterinary care of her dog.
    This is overblown sensational tabloid foddernothing more than a fabricated ‘he said she saidregarding a cell phone, with no striking and obviously no injury whatsoever,” Mathew Rosengart, attorney for Spears, said in a statement to CNN at the time. “Anyone can make an accusation, but this should have been closed immediately. “
      Intussen, the Grammy winner is in the midst of a public battle with her father, Jamie Spears, over her court-ordered conservatorship. The next hearing is scheduled for September 29.




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