L'emittente Jim Kaat si scusa per l'osservazione insensibile durante la partita di playoff della MLB

Un'emittente di MLB Network si è scusata per aver usato un termine che faceva riferimento alla schiavitù mentre era in onda durante una partita di playoff venerdì.

Jim Kaat, un analista di MLB Network ed ex lanciatore di major league di 25 le stagioni, says he was trying to compliment Chicago White Sox third baseman Yoan Moncada during Friday’s playoff game between the White Sox and the Houston Astros.
With Moncada up at the plate in the first inning, Kaat’s broadcast partner and former manager Buck Showalter praised Moncada’s ability and said in jest, “Can we have one of those?” when referring to the first time Showalter saw Moncada play.
    The 82-year-old Kaat responded with, “Get a 40-acre field full of ’em.
      Kaat apologized for the remark in the fifth inning, calling his choice of words “povero” e un “insensitive and hurtful remark.
        Earlier in the game, when Yoan Moncada was at the plate, in an attempt to compliment the great player that he is, I used a poor choice of words that resulted in an insensitive and hurtful remark. And I’m sorry for that,” Kaat said.
        Kaat did not explain his use of the phrase. Some believe the “40-acro” term may be from the 1865 proposal to give freed slaves in the US “40 acres and a mulefollowing the Civil War.
            Moncada, who is from Cuba, has played six seasons in the league and finished the season hitting .263 con 14 fuoricampo e 61 RBI.
            CNN has reached out to MLB Network for comment.

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