Broncos' Dre'Mont Jones sheds light on Urban Meyer's coaching tactics

丹佛野马队 defensive end Dre’Mont Jones played for Meyer at Ohio State and offered some insight into the college football national champion head coach’s abilities. Jones told reporters Thursday Meyer needs to change his mentality when it comes to dealing with NFL players.

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Going from college to pros is always difficult no matter what the level is, whether coaching or playing. Especially because a lot of his philosophies are college-based, and you can’t do that with 30-plus men or even 25-plus men who have been around the league and know what they’re doing now and are well established. You got to shake things up in how you coach,” Jones told reporters, 通过 职业足球谈话.

CBS体育 reported there was adisconnectbetween members of the Jaguars’ staff and Meyer as he dealt with his transition to the NFL. One source told the website Meyer hadeveryone looking over their shoulders already.


He becomes unhinged way too easily, and he doesn’t know how to handle losing, even in the preseason. He loses it and wants to take over the drills himself. It’s not good,” the source told the site.

Jones said Thursday he wasn’t surprised by the reports coming out of the organization.

I just know how he is. I’m not going to go into great detail about it, but no, it doesn’t surprise me,” 琼斯说.

The Broncos and Jaguars meet on Sunday in Week 2.