Bruce blasts Joy Reid for claim border crisis 'nonexistent': Say it to the mom afraid to let kids play outside

Reid, 52, called South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem “the roaming Noem” and laughed at her for sending 50 of the state’s National Guard troops to assist Texas Gov. Greg Abbott with the border crisis both state executives say Joe Biden is exacerbating.

“The roaming Noem is back at it again. It would appear as the Inaugural ‘Absolute-Worst’ (Noem) is jealous of all the attention the record-holders [Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis] are getting, so she is sending South Dakota’s troops roaming,” said Reid. “[T]roops are being deployed in response to Greg Abbott’s plea for more border security for a nonexistent crisis.”

Bruce called the border crisis a “self-inflicted catastrophe” on the part of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and that Reid is employing “damage control” by ignoring reality.

“Nonexistent? Border encounters are on pace for a decade high. Cartels are emboldened. Human smugglers are operating in plain sight, drugs are pouring into our country, and authorities are completely overwhelmed. Remember, there is nothing compassionate about illegal immigration and nothing compassionate about incentivizing this treacherous journey,” said Bruce.

She noted that in her fallacious claims about the border, Reid is ignoring the dire situations facing everyday Americans in the region, including a mother from Del Rio, Texas, who is now afraid to let her young daughters play outside because the cartels and illegals are running rampant and unfettered through the community.

The woman, who appeared with Brian Kilmeade on “Fox & Friends” recently, said that her family recently moved to Del Rio from a rural ranch, and that they enjoyed having a standard yard for child’s play, but that “they can’t do that anymore.”

“That’s awful,” Bruce said in response, calling Reid’s network “MS-DNC”. “Don’t forget, when Donald Trump left office the border was as secure as it ever had been but then Biden scrapped the highly successful Remain in Mexico policy. He ended construction of the border wall, he reinstituted catch and release and his open borders rhetoric sent a message to migrants – no more border enforcement.”

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