Bruce: Left 'unleashing' 'most dangerous, diabolical and destructive power grab' in modern history

브루스: 오늘 밤, the extreme left is unleashing what is now the most dangerous, diabolical, and destructive power grab in modern political history as the Democrats, along with their enablers in the media, have made clear they are ready, 자발적인, and able to do whatever it takes to grab power, never give up, and inflict on everyday Americans what would be an unprecedented amount of control and coercion over our everyday lives.

But ask yourselfhow did we get to this point? Where packing the Supreme Court, open borders, D.C. 국가, and even hating and abolishing the police became part of the mainstream political dialogue?

The answer is actually simpler than you think: What the Left accuses the rest of us of doing is always exactly what they are doing themselves. 아니, 아니, 아니, don’t you dare look at them—look away, at their distractions. They don’t care about being called hypocrites, they don’t care about being accused of double standards because it’s all part of their larger playbook. The endgame for them is all about money and power. And that means controlling the narrative. Because if you control the narrative, control the language and definitions, and control the framing, you’ve won.


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