Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Jon Stewart to fellow New Jerseyans: 'Wear a friggin' mask!'

Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Jon Stewart have a pandemic-year message for fellow New Jerseyans: “Wear a friggin’ 마스크!”

The famous triofaces coveredappear on a New Jersey Turnpike billboard as part of the state’s #MaskUpNJ campaign, according to a tweet from New Jersey First Lady Tammy Murphy.
Teamed up with some fellow New Jerseyans to encourage everyone this holiday season to wear a friggin’ 마스크,” The Boss tweeted on Wednesday.
Let’s all come together and #MaskUpNJ so we can get back to what we do bestsinging along and dancing together.
    With coronavirus cases soaring across the country as winter approaches, Murphy tweeted: “As we enter the holiday season, it’s important to stay vigilant about #COVID19.
      New Jersey reported 4,100 new cases on Friday, 와 19 new confirmed deaths, 에 따르면 state’s Covid-19 dashboard.
      The slight decrease in cases came after New Jersey on Wednesday registered the second-highest total of new infections in the state since the pandemic began.

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