Bruce Willis' new movie co-star on his legacy following aphasia, retirement: 'He goes out as a legend'

Greyson last filmed with Willis a little over a year ago forFortress: Sniper’s Eye,” the second installment ofFortress.Jesse Metcalfe and Chad Michael Murray also star in the action-packed flick.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Greyson said she was unaware of Willisaphasia diagnosis at the time she worked with him, but believes his retirement from acting should remind everyone of the incredible legacy he’s built.

I have been privileged to work with him numerous times in the last couple years. It was a gift to be able to get to know him as a person and see how authentically kind he is in real-life. The narrative about him right now should be about the amazing career he’s had,” Greyson told Fox News Digital.


Kelly Greyson and Jesse Metcalfe in "Fortress: Sniper's Eye."

Kelly Greyson and Jesse Metcalfe inFortress: Sniper’s Eye.(Fortress: Sniper’s Eye)

Greyson, who performs her own stunts in the cyber-thriller, said she didn’t have any preconceived notions about Willis before she began working with him. 아직도, she was surprised by what she learned about the “다이 하드” 배우.

Thinking back, he was more down to earth and engaging and kind-hearted than I would have anticipated. A lot of times stardom gets to people’s heads. He definitely is super suave on-camera but just in real life he did embody those things. That’s a huge compliment to someone of that international notoriety for them to also just be a good human,” Greyson said.

지난 달, Williswife Emma, ex-wife Demi Moore, and his five daughters announced that the actor has been diagnosed with aphasia, a condition that affects the ability to communicate. 결과적으로, the family said Willisis stepping away from the career that has meant so much to him.

Greyson recalls that no matter the situation, Williswas a trooperin the times she’s worked with him.

As far as being on set and interacting with people, 예, he would hang out and watch on the screen. He’d watch some of the actors doing their roles. He’d sit and talk with the director. I think he interacted well just on a personal level with people,” Greyson said, adding that at the time of filmingFortress: Sniper’s Eyethere were still “도전적인” new protocols in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Shortly after Willisdiagnosis became public, filmmakers who worked with him in recent years claimed they recognized some of Williscognitive issues, such as memory loss and confusion on film sets. Greyson shared that while sheheard people just kind of wondering some things,” it’s his talent that stood out to her.

Greyson stars as double agent Kate in the second installment of "Fortress."

Greyson stars as double agent Kate in the second installment ofFortress.(Fortress: Sniper’s Eye)

The stuntwoman went on to note that it appears Willis is surrounded by a supportive, “아름다운” 가족.

Although Willis will not be taking on any more projects at this time, Greyson says she’sgratefulfor the pleasure of working with one of the greats.


The takeaway for me from watching him is to just be authentically you in the moment. Whenever you live those moments authentically, that’s what portrays on camera.

The actress called Bruce Willis a "전설."

The actress called Bruce Willis a “전설.” (Courtesy of Kelly Greyson)

에 “Fortress: Sniper’s Eye,” viewers will see Greyson perform combat fights. The fitness enthusiast has plenty of experience in performing stunts on camera, including swordplay, cliff jumping, horseback riding and crashes.

This movie was particularly fun because I have done hand-to-hand [stunts] but this was more like military style hand-to-hand. I had some pretty intense fight scenes. I always walk away with a little bleeding and bruised after every stunt and this was not an exception. I really enjoyed it,” 그녀는 덧붙였다.


One scene in the upcoming movie will show Willis and Greyson together in a hospital.

This one I think he was recovering from a previous fight. We had a scene in a hospital room so we were talking about what’s happening next. It was a very cool moment. In the other films there’s lots and lots of scenes as well. It’s always been a good time,” 그녀가 말했다.

Bruce Wills and his family, 왼쪽에서, 루머 윌리스, 데미 무어, 스카우트 윌리스, Emma Heming Willis and Tallulah Willis.

Bruce Wills and his family, 왼쪽에서, 루머 윌리스, 데미 무어, 스카우트 윌리스, Emma Heming Willis and Tallulah Willis. (Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images)

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Aside from acting, Greyson is committed to prioritizing health and fitness. She’s the type who does squats in her seat while out to dinner, and often chooses cardio activity when answering incoming phone calls. She has also been busy forming the nonprofit organization my1Mpact, a global platform catered towardencouraging people to recognize their ability to have an impact on the world in a way only they can,” 그녀는 공유했다.

Her goal through the nonprofit is to highlight heroesaround the world.

Kelly Greyson in "Fortress: Sniper's Eye."

Kelly Greyson inFortress: Sniper’s Eye.(Fortress: Sniper’s Eye)

To Greyson, Willis has made an impact in his own right.

I never heard of [그의] diagnosis previously. But my memory of working with Bruce is how friendly he was and really, really talented at his role. He’s definitely a professional. He’s going out as a legend with a beautiful career behind him,” 그녀가 말했다.

Willis had been working steadily and frequently. Renowned for films like “다이 하드,” “펄프 픽션” 과 “The Sixth Sense,” Willis has in recent years churned out straight-to-video thrillers. 작년, he starred in a staggering eight films. Most came and went quietly, including titles likeCosmic Sin,” “Out of Death” 과 “Deadlock.

가장 최근에, Willis starred in February’sGasoline Alley” 과 “A Day to Die,” released in early March. Willis has already shot at least six more films due out in 2022 과 2023, 포함 “Die Like Lovers,” “시정 조치” 과 “The Wrong Place.

수요일에, 그만큼 “Armageddonstar’s wife took to Instagram to share some new photos of the couple enjoying the outdoors.

“엄마 & Dad in their favorite habitat,” Heming captioned the 게시하다, featuring a carousel of photos of the married couple smiling.

In their statement on March 30, his family noted thechallenging timethey’re in.

This is a really challenging time for our family and we are so appreciative of your continued love, compassion and support. We are moving through this as a strong family unit, and wanted to bring his fans in because we know how much he means to you, as you do to him.

Fortress: Sniper’s Eyeis set to hit select theaters, digital platforms and VOD on April 29.

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