Bryan Harsin says Auburn’s vaccination rate ‘continues to improve’

Harsin, the first-year head coach, tested positive for COVID-19 in late August and said at SEC Media Day in July that his team was around 60% 예방 접종. Harsin would not reveal whether he’s been vaccinated or not, but indicated today that his team’s rate is climbing.

더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. .

The guys are doing a really nice job of things that we have to do day-to-day to make sure that we’re following the protocols and things that we’re asked to do day in and day out,” Harsin said. “They’ve done a better job and continue to do a better job because they’re focused on it, and we’re doing better in those areas.

According to the SEC COVID-19 protocols, an 85% vaccinate rate among teams is the recommended threshold. Teams who reach that percentage are exempt from regular COVID-19 tests, 예방접종 여부와 상관없이.

게다가, they are also permitted to lift the face mask policy when inside team facilities. Auburn is currently testing players and personnel twice a week, while wearing masks and social-distancing inside the facilities.

SEC counterpart Georgia has seen its own COVID-19 outbreak this week, with head coach Kirby Smart announcing that a few players and personnel have tested positive, despite his team being over 90% 예방 접종.

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