Buffalo Bills fans donate money to Ravens QB Lamar Jackson's favorite charity after playoff win

水牛城比尔(Buffalo Bills)球迷本周末以独特的方式庆祝了他们击败巴尔的摩乌鸦队的胜利.

法案击败了乌鸦 17-3 在亚足联分区赛中的周六. 在比赛中, the Ravens lost quarterback Lamar Jackson in the third quarter due to concussion protocol.
So Bills fansnicknamed the Bills Mafiawanted to show their support for the injured NFL player. They utilized Reddit to figure out Jackson’s favorite charity, CNN affiliate WLKY-TV 已报告.
Once Bills fans learned Jackson has had a longtime relationship with Blessings in a Backpack, the non-profit said donations for the organization came pouring in.
The organization works to feedschool children in the United States who currently are fed during the week on the federally funded Free and Reduced Meal Program and are at risk of going hungry on the weekends,” 根据其 网站.
“谢谢, #BillsMafia for your support of Blessings in a Backpack to feed kids in #Louisville and nationwide in honor of @Lj_era8!” 组织 发推文 在星期天, tagging Jackson’s username.
The Louisville chapter received more than $ 75,000 as of Saturday night, 根据 WLKY-TV. The program has now increased its efforts because of Covid-19, according to its website.
Bills fans are known for having a charitable heart. 在 2017, they donated money to then-Cincinnati Bengals quartback Andy Dalton. Earlier in the 2020 季节, Bills fans also donated money to a children’s hospital after Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s grandmother died, 根据ESPN.
The Ravens showed their support for Billsfans generosity.
“尊重, @BuffaloBills and #BillsMafia,” the team tweeted on Sunday, linking to a tweet that shared news about Bills fansdonations.
After their win on Saturday, the Bills are headed to the AFC championship, where they’ll play the Kansas City Chiefs to determine who goes to the Super Bowl.