'Esistono elementi costitutivi della vita’ su Marte, conferma l'ex amministratore della NASA

The building blocks of life exist all over Mars,” ex NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine toldIl tuo mondoThursday as the Perseveranza rover successfully landed on the Red Planet.

Just in the last two years, Neil, we have discovered that Mars is covered in complex organic compounds,” Bridenstine told host Neil Cavuto

Bridenstine added that while such compoundsexist all over the Earththey are not on the moon at allthey are all over Mars and all over Earth.

The 2,260-pound roverpartly named in recognition of assistenza sanitaria heroes due to the Pandemia di covid-19landed at the Jezero Crater, a carefully-selected location for Perseverance’s mission in astrobiology.

The agency’s fifth Mars rover is tasked with searching for signs that microbial life may have lived on the planet billions of years ago, as well as collecting rock and soil samples that will eventually be returned to Terra.

The red planet contains 12 kilometers of liquid water below its surface, Bridenstine explained, “and we know that the methane cycles of Mars match the seasons of Mars.

All of this conspires to say that the probability of finding life on another world is going up and it’s going up rapidly,” he told Cavuto, “so it is perfectly appropriate that now we are sending an astrobiology mission to Mars and we are going to one of the hardest places to land. This is why it is so important to congratulate the NASA workforce.

Landing in the Jezero Crater was a historically risky move, with close to a 50% success rate. The mission carried more cameras than any interplanetary mission in history, con 19 on the rover and four on other parts of the spacecraft. A helicopter and two microphones make the rover the most technologically advanced robot that NASA has ever sent to Mars.

Cauto compared the historic achievement totrying to throw a dart from New York to Washington sight unseen.


Statistically, something like this had never been done before andand the magnitude of it and getting back to the idea that we can find life and maybe the origins of life and hints that we are not alone, it’s staggering, the possibility.

If there is a chance to find signs of ancient life,” responded Bridenstine, “that is a place to find it.

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