Burger King Brazil reimagines 2020 as a sandwich, and it’s grossing fans out

Burger King Brazil reimagines 2020 as a sandwich, and it's grossing fans out

That’s one gross burger.

It’s likely that 2020 won’t be remembered as agreat yearfor all that many people. Between the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdowns, many people can’t seem to wait for 2020 to finally come to an end. And one restaurant chain was inspired to turn those feelings into food.

Burger King in Brazil recently decided to create a burger that exemplifies the general feeling of 2020. After surveying fans, the restaurant chain used the results as inspiration for the sandwich, which it revealed on YouTube — and then asked unsuspecting participants to try.

Based on the reactions, this sandwich is unlikely to make it to the menu anytime soon.


We asked the internet what the 2020 retrospective would look like in a sandwich … 잘, the result is there,” Burger King Brazil wrote on its YouTube page.

As seen in the video, Burger King Brazil’s 2020 sandwich includes a chicken foot, overcooked noodles, sardines, thick caramel sauce and Jell-O. To top it off, the sandwich is served on a burnt bun.

This product will definitely not be marketed in Burger King restaurants,” the YouTube post continues. “Unless 2020 doesn’t end in December, which would actually be worse than any sandwich.

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This hasn’t been Burger King’s only reaction to the events of 2020, though it may be the grossest.

In mid-December, Burger King UK urged its customers to support smaller restaurants that may be having a hard time surviving the coronavirus pandemic, especially after the latest wave of infections forced some of England back into lockdown.

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There’s more to life than the Whopper. There’s Roti King, Sultan’s palace, Tayyab’s, Eco, Dumplings Legend, Ochi’s, Damak, Platzki… In short, there are many great dishes from thousands of restaurants that deserve to be as famous as the Whopper. As we head into tier three across more parts of the country, it’s clear independent restaurants need all our support,” wrote Burger King UK.

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