Burgess Owens blasts Cori Bush's 'defund police' rhetoric: Liberal policies 'bringing misery' to cities

BURGESS OWENS: When you look at her district, there’s no traditional family, there’s no business. … This is the American culture, the American strain of Marxism. And so do not expect anything but what we see. Their creation is misery. You look at the urban communities they represent, they have never changed anything for decades. Don’t expect anything different with trying now to change the image of our great country into the image of what they put into these urban communities. So it doesn’t make any sense and we’re going to fight against it obviously. 

As painful as it has been, we’re having conversations now that we’ve never had and it doesn’t matter which side of the aisle we’re on, once we personally feel the misery that’s brought on by the hard left, and that’s when they strip away everything our country stands for, then we begin to have conversations together. And once that happens — this is the most powerful power in the world. 


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