Bus is dangling from New York overpass after accident that left at least seven people injured

At least seven people, including the bus driver, were injured after a bus crashed through a overpass barrier in New York City’s Bronx area, according to the New York Police Department.

The tandem bus is now dangling over the roadway below, the NYPD said.
The crash happened close to midnight Thursday on the westbound Cross Bronx Expressway and University Avenue, according to the NYPD. Those injured have been taken to nearby hospitals, the police said.
“The bus fell approximately 50 feet onto the access road,” FDNY Deputy Chief Paul Hopper said on New York City Fire Department’s Instagram account.
It is still unclear whether the accident was caused by operator error or a mechanical malfunction and no arrests have been made so far, the police added.
Streets near the accident site are now closed and officials say traffic is delayed in the area. Heavy tow trucks are on the scene preparing to remove the dangling bus, according to the police.
“Currently we are making sure all the fuel and other hazardous materials within the vehicle is secured until the bus can be pulled onto the roadway,” FDNY Acting Battalion Chief Steven Moore said on Instagram.
This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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