Byron York on Biden's 'terrible week': 他正在乞求沙特阿拉伯请多抽油

拜伦·约克: 总统本周在能源问题上的立场非常奇怪. 一方面, 他今天做了一个大型的环境气候变化活动,谈到了这一点, and then he’s begging Saudi Arabia to please pump more oil and then he tries to strongarm the energy companies, please refine more gasoline and they’re pushing back. And then he tells a reporter that, “Americans are really, really down,” which has a very kind of Carter-esque feel to it and that’s on top of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, three quarters of a point this week raising fears of a recession. And the only thing the president can say is that he doesn’t think a recession is inevitable, which is not the most comforting thing in the world to say. And that’s on top of inflation and home interest rates, mortgage interest rates going up. It’s just been a terrible, terrible week for him.