Caitlyn Jenner says 'disaster' Los Angeles DA Gascón is 'enemy number one' as crime soars

In an appearance onSala de prensa de Estados Unidos,” the L.A. native castigated Gascón, D., who’s facing his second recall effort since taking office in 2020, para “despertó” approach that’s making crimefighting more difficult.


Gascón is under fire for implementing policies like not seeking enhancement allegations, which can significantly extend prison sentences for violent offenders, and barring prosecutors from charging juveniles as adults, even those accused of serious crimes.

This is happening in all cities across the nation, and they all have one thing in common, and that’s very liberal, progresivo [District Attorneys],” Jenner told Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino.

Here in Los Angeles, the exact same thing. Our D.A. George Gascón is an absolute disaster. He is actually enemy number one for the people because of what’s happening with the crime. He just doesn’t want to prosecute crime.

The second recall effort against Gascón is not a purely Republican one. Los Angeles Magazine reported some of the financial supporters of the recall attempt against the left-wing prosecutor include prominent Democratic donors and bundlers. Impactante, high-publicity murders like the seemingly random fatal stabbing of UCLA student Brianna Kupfer have stoked bipartisan outrage against Gascón for not taking a tougher line on crime.

Other policies like stealing less than $ 1,000 being a misdemeanor and eliminating cash bail are also under fire.