Caldwell-Pope, 레이커스를위한 게임 4; 데이비스, 폴 액티브

수비 NBA 챔피언 레이커스는 일요일 스테이 플스 센터에서 팁 오프 직전에 결정을 발표했습니다..

로스 앤젤레스의 포워드 앤서니 데이비스와 피닉스 가드 크리스 폴이 경기에 적극적으로 참여 4 부상에도 불구하고.

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Caldwell-Pope was injured in the third quarter of the Lakersvictory in Game 3. He went through a pregame workout before Game 4, but Los Angeles decided to hold him out.

Caldwell-Pope was the third-leading scorer on the Lakerschampionship team last season, but he struggled in the first three games against Phoenix before his injury. He scored just 12 포인트 92 의사록, going 1 ...에 대한 13 on 3-pointers and failing to score at all in Game 2.

Veteran Wesley Matthews took Caldwell-Pope’s spot in the starting lineup. Matthews hit two key 3-pointers in the fourth quarter of Game 3.

Paul was in Phoenix’s starting lineup again despite being clearly limited in the last two games by his right shoulder injury. The star point guard skipped practice Saturday to rest ahead of Sunday’s game.

Davis was listed as questionable after hyperextending his knee during Game 3, but he vowed Saturday to play through any discomfort. He scored 34 points in each of the Lakersback-to-back victories in the series.

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