California councilwoman's new hire said mayor, city manager should be 'terrorized for rest of your life'

Sacramento Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela, who represents the city’s District 4, announced the hiring of Skyler Henry in a Facebook post last week. Henery, who co-hosts the progressive podcastVOICESRiver City,” un “Leftist news & truth-to-power commentary,” will be leading Valenzuela’s efforts on responding to constituents and digital media, ha detto a Fox News.

You should be terrorized for the rest of your life. You should never be able to leave your house, if that is how you are going to use your position to govern,” Henry recently said of Suo. Kyrsten Cinema, D-Ariz. “The same thing sort of applies with the mayor and city manager of this city.

Henry did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment.

The hire has concerned some who felt Henry was sympathetic toSactivistsfollowing demonstrations outside the homes of local officials. A un certo punto, the group circulatedWantedposters lettered in bloody calligraphy on social media with pictures of Police Chief Daniel Hahn and City Manager Howard Chan, according to a March 28 letter signed by Valenzuela and other city leaders denouncing the targeting of Chan’s home.

The demonstration outside his home triggered a large police response and rebuke from civic leaders and business and civil rights groups, il Los Angeles Times segnalato.

Valenzuela said Henry made the remark before working for her while citing his First Amendment destra.

He’s expressed a willingness to work with the same colleagues that he was talking about in that quote,” ha detto a Fox News. “I’m looking forward to see what he can do inside city government.

Following the demonstrations, Hahn countered that some of the incidents were a form of “terrorismo interno,” secondo il Times.

If you look up the definition of terrorism, it says it’s using violence or intimidation for political gain,” Egli ha detto. “In my opinion some of these incidents, the way they are trying to provoke fear, are domestic terrorism.

In a joint statement to Fox News, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Chan, the city manager, said council members are responsible for hiring their own staff.

Neither the Mayor’s office nor the City Manager’s office has a part in that process,” diceva la dichiarazione. “The Council member is the appointing authority.

Valenzuela said Hahn’s language directed at the protesters was equally inappropriate as Henry’s.

I think we need to own all on sides and hopefully move forward to solutions together,” lei disse.

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