California deputies say woman 'safe' after possible kidnapping caught on alarming video

ザ・ Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department shared the video Monday, 車両とその乗員を追跡するために一般の人々の助けを求める. 水曜日の夜, a department spokesperson said the van had been located and thatall the occupants are safe.

The woman is safe, however the incident is still under investigation,” the department tweeted separately. “THANK YOU to the public and the media for sharing this video and helping.

ザ・ 1 分, 47-second video begins with the van on the side of Calgrove Boulevard near Interstate 5. A woman can be heard shouting for help and struggling with an unidentified person below.

警告: グラフィックコンテンツ

The person holding the camera appears to be at an elevated location above a row of foliage that separates them from the road, which looks to be a few dozen yards away.


Another person can be heard off-camera, near the filmer asking, “どうしたの?”

“やめる!” a man’s voice yells down toward the RV.

They’re abducting her,” he says in a hushed tone, directing whoever is with him to “コール 911!”

The woman he was speaking with tells him to call 911, and he responds, “I’m filming.

All the while, the RV remains in place, and muffled noises can be heard coming from below.

“何してるの?” the man calls down.

に応じて, the woman below can be heard screaming again.

Why are you doing this?” the man shouts down.

Then a sliding door slams shut as the woman again screams for help. The woman up top can be heard placing the 911 call as this happens.

Then the vehicle drives off.

The video first emerged on social media last Friday, according to the Santa Clarita Valley Signal, and was shared by the sheriff’s department on Monday.

We’re treating it as suspicious circumstances, because who knows what it could be,” LASD Sgt. Keith Greene told the paper. “It could be a domestic (犯罪), but … we’re still investigating.

Investigators described the vehicle as alight colored [メルセデス] Sprinter type vanwith aftermarket solar panels and an air conditioning unit on the roof.