La famiglia della California trova simboli di speranza dopo che Coastal Fire ha distrutto la casa: 'We're so grateful'

Terri Strohman e suo figlio Max avevano solo 10 minuti per evacuare, raccogliendo solo oggetti essenziali e animali domestici prima che le fiamme si avvicinassero troppo. Quando Max tornò per valutare il danno, he discovered firefighters had recovered three powerful items: an American flag, un 9/11 mug and a loved one’s urn.

They’re such strong symbols,” Terri Strohman told “Volpe & Amici” Lunedi. “It also kind of helps keep it in perspective because we’re so grateful… We’re all alive.

The flag and 9/11 represent so many lost lives. So it helps us look forward and be hopeful and feel like we’ll all get through this.


Terri Strohman said she saw the fire about an hour before they were told to evacuate. She watched her home burn down on live television.

It was absolutely surreal,” she told host Pete Hegseth. “We all came back and were watching three hours of our whole neighborhood go down.

Il Coastal Fire distrutto 20 homes in the Laguna Niguel community and damaged at least 11 altri. Two firefighters were injured in the fire that spread to over 200 acri.

Più o meno 900 residents were forced to evacuate. La causa dell'incendio è sotto inchiesta.

A million-dollar mansion is engulfed in flames in Orange County, California.

A million-dollar mansion is engulfed in flames in Orange County, California. (KTTV)

Strohman said she’s received “sorprendente” support in recent days.

We’ve gathered a lot of strength from the warmness and the spirit, I would say the spirit of the community,” lei disse.

Fox News’ Julia Musto ha contribuito a questo rapporto.

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