Un agente di polizia della California ha ripreso un video mentre prendeva a pugni una donna ammanettata prima che intervenissero altri poliziotti

Un agente di polizia di Westminster è stato posto in congedo amministrativo retribuito mentre era al dipartimento di polizia di Westminster (WPD) Internal Affairs Division and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office review his actions against a 34-year-old assault suspect while he was arresting her on Wednesday evening, officials announced in a Thursday press pubblicazione.

A spokesperson for the Orange County DA’s office told Fox News on Friday they had not yet received the case from WPD and would not comment.


California police officers stop fellow officer from punching handcuffed woman during arrest.

California police officers stop fellow officer from punching handcuffed woman during arrest. (Sandy Armenta)

Police received a call around 4 p.m. Wednesday for a report of an assault and battery, gli stati di rilascio. Il 911 caller told police one woman had assaulted anotherwho had tried to rescue a dog running in the street,” ha detto la polizia.

Officers arrived and identified the alleged suspect, 34-year-old Ciomara Garcia, as having an outstanding felony bench warrant for vandalism, ha detto la polizia. Police handcuffed Garcia and called for a paramedic after suspecting she was under the influence.


Il video mostra la donna, who is flanked by two officers, trying to stand up before they pull her back down. Garcia, who is still handcuffed, appears to kick one of the officers, at which point he responds by punching her twice in the face. The other two officers nearby can be heard repeatedly telling him, “No,” as they push him away from the woman, secondo il video.

In their subsequent press release on Thursday, WPD said: “While trying to control Garcia, a WPD Officer used force and struck Garcia two times in the face with his fist. Two WPD Officers immediately intervened and deescalated the situation.

Garcia was not reported to be injured and was evaluated at a local hospital before being booked into Orange County for her outstanding warrant, ha detto la polizia. She was also charged with assault and battery for the incident that initially prompted the police response, and faces additional charges of being under the influence of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.

Nel frattempo, WPD said itconsiders this a serious event and will ensure that this investigation will be guided by the law and the truth.

The district attorney’s office will review the officer’s use of force against the woman, and will decide whether to charge him in connection with his actions.

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