California police officer involved in fatal March shooting faces charges for a 2018 shooting death

A California police officer is facing multiple felony charges for the 2018 shooting death of a man during a slow-speed pursuit, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office said in a Wednesday comunicado de prensa. The announcement came the same day local authorities released new body camera footage of a fatal shooting involving the same officer last month.

Danville police officer Andrew Hall shot Laudemer Arboleda nine times during the 2018 pursuit as Arboleda attempted to slowly maneuver his car between two police vehicles, el comunicado de prensa decía.
That pursuit started after officers responded to a call that Arboleda had rung a home’s doorbell and was lingering in the area, el comunicado dijo. Arboleda then drove away and was stopped after police initiated a traffic stop, after which he drove away from officers who were approaching his vehicle, según el comunicado. A traffic pursuit ensued, with Hall stopping his car in front of the approaching vehicles, el comunicado dijo.
      Officer Hall used unreasonable and unnecessary force when he responded to the in-progress traffic pursuit,” District Attorney Diana Becton said in a statement. “Officer Hall’s actions underscore the need for a continued focus on de-escalation training and improved coordinated responses to individuals suffering from mental illness.
        Hall was charged with felony voluntary manslaughter and felony assault with a semi-automatic firearm for the 2018 tiroteo, según el comunicado.

          Arboleda was shot for acting ‘suspicious,’ abogado de familia dice

          Civil rights attorney John Burris, who represents Arboleda’s family, said he welcomed news of the charges.
          In a previous statement, Burris described Arboleda as a 33-year-old Filipino American who hadno criminal history, never used drugs and had no history of alcohol abuse.
          “señor. Arboleda was pursued and ultimately shot and killed for acting ‘suspicious,’ despite having committed no crime whatsoever,” Burris previously said.
          Hall was placed on administrative leave during the investigation but returned to the force after the deadly shooting, said Lee Housekeeper, a spokesperson for Burris.
          Hall’s bail has been set at $ 220,000, according to the district attorney’s office.
          CNN has reached out to the Danville Police Department and Hall’s attorney for comment on the announcement of the charges.

          Hall fatally shot a man last month

          The announcement of the charges came the same day Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office released new body camera footage of another fatal shooting that Hall was involved in last month.
          Hall fatally shot Tyrell Wilson, a 32-year-old Black man who was carrying a grocery bag and walking by himself toward his homeless encampment, said Burris, who also represents Wilson’s family.
          Responding to news of charges in Arboleda’s shooting, Burris said, “The delay in prosecuting Hall is particularly hurtful because Hall recently shot and killed a homeless man, Tyrell Wilson, under very questionable circumstances.
          Wilson could be alive if Hall had been prosecuted earlier,” Burris added.
          Danville Police said Hall approached Wilson on March 11 and tried to talk to him, pero “the subject pulled out a folding knife and then opened it.
          While Hall ordered Wilson to drop the knife several times, Wilson “advanced toward the officer,” and Hall discharged his weapon, la policía dijo.
          The new bodycam video shows the officer asking Wilson tocome hereand Wilson refusing to do so, asking the officer, “who are you?” According to the video, Hall tells Wilson he’s jaywalking and approaches him. Wilson steps back and tells Hall not to touch him, before he is seen pulling out a knife, el video muestra.
          En el video, Hall tells Wilson to drop the knife and Wilson says, “mátame,” before Hall fires.
            The case is still under investigation by the district attorney’s office.
            In an email statement to CNN earlier this month, before the body camera footage was released, Hall’s attorney Mike Rains said he believes the Contra Costa County District Attorneywill no doubt carefully weigh the facts of this case, including video evidence Mr. Burris has not seen, and existing law, which authorizes peace officers to use lethal force when a suspect poses an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury, and find no basis to charge a crime.

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