Republikeine van Kalifornië ruk Newsom se 'skynheiligheid' uit nadat die goewerneur te midde van pandemie uiteet

Republikeine van Kalifornië ruk Newsom se 'skynheiligheid' uit nadat die goewerneur te midde van pandemie uiteet

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California Republicans rip Newsom for hypocritical highbrow dining excursion
Goewerneur. Gavin Newsom’s extravagant lunch at one of Kalifornië Wine Country’s most exclusive fine-dining establishments has drawn a storm of criticismand it could wind up costing him more than just the tab.

The Democrat has been fending off critics for more than a week after seeming to violate his own coronavirus restrictions to celebrate a well-connected friend’s verjaarsdag.

“He’s the one telling people to change their Thanksgiving plansyet he himself is gathering privately at an expensive restaurant that many Californians can’t afford,” Republican state Assemblyman James Gallagher told Fox News on Wednesday night.

The French Laundry, which offers meals that begin at $ 350 a plate, hosted Newsom, his wife, and others for a boujie birthday brunch honoring Jason Kinney, a lobbyist and friend of the governor.

Also in attendance: the CEO of the California Medical Association – who, like Newsom, should know a thing or two about that state’s COVID-19 guidelines – and that organization’s top lobbyist.

Newsom recently urged Golden State residents to pop their masks on between bites while eating out. But a diner at another table photographed him at the swanky restaurant without a mask, dan sent the photos to FOX 11 in Los Angeles. KLIK HIER VIR MEER OOR ONS TOPVERHAAL.

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Cuomo snaps at reporters who asked if NYC schools would remain open, Twitter blows up
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo got into a shouting match with reporters Wednesday while denying that New York City public schools would be shut down due to a spike in coronavirus gevalle — only for Mayor Bill De Blasio to announce the closures minutes later.

The exchange began when Wall Street Journal reporter Jimmy Vielkind pressed Cuomo about whether he would overrule any decision by city officials to close schools.

What are you talking about? ‘You’re now going to override,’ we did it already! That’s the law!” Cuomo shouted. “An orange zone and a red zone, follow the facts!”

I’m still confused,” Vielkind responded.

Then you’re confused!” the Democrat shouted back.

I’m confused and parents are still confused as well,” Vielkind asserted.

“Geen, they’re not confused. You’re confused,” Cuomo told the reporter. “Read the law and you won’t be confused.

Another reporter asked point-blank if schools would be opentomorrow,” to which Cuomo responded, “The schools are open by state law,” but the reporter called out the dodge and backed up Vielkind’s line of questioning. KLIK HIER VIR MEER.

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GOP members in Michigan’s Wayne County rescind votes to certify election, cite personal attacks
Die twee Republikeine aan MichiganSe Wayne County Board of Canvassers beweer in ondertekende beëdigde verklarings dat hulle geboelie is om by Demokrate aan te pas en nou hul stemme om die sertifisering te herroep, herroep het..

Die twee Republikeine — Monica Palmer en William C. Hartmann — was betrokke by 'n kort dooie punt in die provinsie se verkiesingsertifiseringsproses Dinsdag voordat hulle aanvanklik gestem het om te sertifiseer.

Wayne County, wat Detroit insluit, is Michigan se mees bevolkte graafskap, met meer as 1.7 miljoen inwoners.

Albei Republikeine sê dat hulle rassiste genoem word en onderworpe is aan dreigemente omdat hulle kommer uitgespreek het oor stembriewe wat volgens demokrate uit hoofsaaklik swart gemeenskappe was., Jenna Ellis, 'n prokureur vir die Trump 2020 Veldtog, aan Fox News gesê op Dinsdag.

Hartmann het in die beëdigde verklaring gesê dat hy ongeveer waargeneem het 71% van Detroit s’n 134 Afwesige kiesrade “is ongebalanseerd gelaat en baie onverklaarbaar.”

Hy het gesê dat hy sy kommer uitgespreek het en gesê het as die stemme nie ooreenstem nie, daar moes 'n soort verduideliking gewees het. Powell het gesê dat sy dieselfde teenstrydigheid raakgesien het. KLIK HIER VIR MEER.

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‘Wonder Woman 1984set for simultanious theatrical, HBO Max release.
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Tech titan flees San Francisco for Florida, says city is poorly managed.
Tesla is morphing into more than a car maker.

#Die terugflits: KLIK HIER om uit te vind waarop daar gebeur het “Hierdie dag in die geskiedenis. ”


Fox News’ Sean Hannity accused citizens who teleconferenced into a meeting of Michigan’s Wayne County Board of Canvassers this week of bullying and threatening two Republican members who initially refused to certify the county’s vote totals.

“[Those are] just a small example of the truly vile smears leveled against the two GOP members on the Wayne County board of canvassers, and unfortunately this kind of hysteria and vitriol is not unique to Detroit,” Hannity said.

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